Lianyungang Continent Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd, Our annual output is 30,000 sets. We manufacture Da Lu Qiao brand agricultural machinery including over 40 types of products in the series of rotary cultivator, twin-shaft soil preparation and stubble cleaning machine, stubble cleaner, land leveler, slurry plowing-harrowing machine, subsoiler, combined element for subsoiler and cultivating, multi-ridge stubble cleaning and ridging machine as well as combined seed and fertilizer drill. More than 20 types of products have obtained promotion licenses of provincial or state levels and some products have been listed in National Agricultural Subsidies Product Catalog in 2008. Additionally, our products sell well in both domestic market and overseas markets such as Russia and Cambodia. Our products are strongly favored and recognized by domestic and overseas customers for their variety, complete functions, good quality and reasonable prices. We are now China’s largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery.

1GKN Rotary Cultivator (round bar beam)
1GKN Rotary Cultivator (frame type, small gearbox)
1GKN Deep Plowing-Rotary Cultivating Machine
1SZL Combined Implement for Subsoiler and Cultivating
1GKN-140 Stubble Cleaner
1GKN-350 Stubble Cleaner
1GKN Slurry Plowing-harrowing Machine
1GKN Side-Transmission Rotary Cultivating-Stubble Cleaning Machine
1GKN Rotary Cultivato (Frame type, tall gearbox)
1S Subsoiler
1GZM Double-Shaft Soil Preparation-Stubble Cleaning Machine
1GKN-280 Stubble Cleaner
2BFG Combined No-tillage Seeding and Fertilizing Machine
Cultivator Parts