Founded in 1996, the corporation is a pioneer in manufacturing of agricultural soil preparation, planting and fertilizer distributing equipment among all the specialized producers in China. Covering an area of 30,000 m2, the corporation has a building area of 22,000 m2. Currently, it has 138 employees, 28 of which are engineers and technicians, 42 have college degree or above, 24 have intermediate professional titles and 4 have senior level professional titles. As a state-level “Innovator of Agricultural Machinery Technology”, we have established long-term relations with universities including Nanjing Research Institution of Agricultural Machinery, Farm Machinery Engineering College of Nanjing Agricultural University and Jiangsu Huaihai Institute of Technology for cooperation in the development of agricultural machinery products. So far, we have dozens of high-technology products with certifications of provincial or higher levels and more than10 patented items. Apart from a perfect operation management system, we also have advanced digital office equipment, well-equipped production facilities, strong technique power and advance production processes that ensure our reliable product quality.We pioneered to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification in the industry and rank first among domestic competitors in terms of production management level. 

1GKN Rotary Cultivator (round bar beam)
1GKN Rotary Cultivator (frame type, small gearbox)
1GKN Deep Plowing-Rotary Cultivating Machine
1SZL Combined Implement for Subsoiler and Cultivating
1GKN-140 Stubble Cleaner
1GKN-350 Stubble Cleaner
1GKN Slurry Plowing-harrowing Machine
1GKN Side-Transmission Rotary Cultivating-Stubble Cleaning Machine
1GKN Rotary Cultivato (Frame type, tall gearbox)
1S Subsoiler
1GZM Double-Shaft Soil Preparation-Stubble Cleaning Machine
1GKN-280 Stubble Cleaner
2BFG Combined No-tillage Seeding and Fertilizing Machine
Cultivator Parts